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How We've Perfected the Taste of Vegan Protein

By James King

There’s little point creating a new product that’s healthy if nobody wants to consume it. So, when Pure Plant Protein produced its range of plant-based protein powders, we didn’t rest until we came up with a product that was healthy, had a great texture and tasted delicious..

Welcome to our 100% Australian grown faba bean protein powders. To say they’re yummy is an understatement.

A word on plant-based protein powders

It wasn’t long ago when plant-based protein powders weren’t available to consumers. Before the late 20th century, if you wanted a protein powder for muscle building, weight management, post-exercise recovery, to increase your nutrient intake or simply supplement your protein consumption, you had to choose an animal-based product.

For example, whey protein, a by-product of cheese production that’s derived predominantly from cow's milk, was the most common protein powder used before plant-based protein powders became available. Other examples include casein protein, again derived from milk, egg white protein and collagen protein, sourced from animal connective tissue.

Plant-based protein powders started to appear on the market in the late 20th century. By the early 2000s they were becoming popular, as the demand for plant-based dietary options grew. This was driven by factors such as environmental concerns, health considerations and ethical choices.

Soy protein was one of the first plant-based protein sources to be used in protein powders. As the demand for plant-based options grew, other sources like pea, rice, hemp, and various blends emerged in the early 2000s, offering a wider range of choices for consumers.

A word on plant-based protein powders

Plant-based protein powders are here, but they’re not necessarily tasty

So, by the early 2000s plant based protein powders were widely available and were becoming exponentially popular, but they did have an achilles heel. They weren't always known for being tasty.

Early plant-based protein powders had a reputation for having an earthy and sometimes bitter taste. Texture was also often an issue, with many people describing powders as chalky or gritty, which hardly sounds appetising!

Most people who turned to plant-based protein powders did so primarily for their nutritional and health benefits, or because of their dietary needs or beliefs. They were willing to forgo taste and texture for these benefits.

Advancements in food technology and better research has helped improve the palatability of plant-based protein powders over the years, however, it was until our little friend, the faba bean, entered the game that real change occurred.

Plant-based protein powders are here, but they’re not necessarily tasty

Tasty protein powder? Hello faba bean!

The faba bean is a late bloomer in the plant-based protein powder game, but it’s fast growing in popularity. It’s also a key to the success of Pure Plant Protein.

Our story really began when we discovered faba beans. Like most consumers, we were tired of other gritty plant-based protein powders on the market. Many of the powders we tried were also over or under sweetened and included nasty additives. Powders that did taste better often sacrificed high protein percentage or used artificial ingredients to improve the flavour profile.

Then we tried the smooth creaminess of faba beans and it was a lightbulb moment. We soon discovered that if you’re looking for a tasty protein powder, the faba bean is king.

Protein powders made from faba beans don’t taste of beans or have an earthy, unappealing flavour. Neither are they grainy in texture.

The fact that faba beans have the highest protein content of any plant proteins on the market is another major reason to love faba beans. Plus, with faba beans grown in Victoria, where we are located, it’s yet another bonus.

Pure Plant Protein. The tastiest protein powders on the market.

All our protein powders are made from creamy, delicious faba beans. A brilliant source of protein that is considered a complete source, as it contains all essential amino acids.

While this is reason enough to choose our protein powders, if you’re looking for more incentives:

  • Our protein powders only contain natural sweeteners and flavours.
  • They’re gluten-free, GMO free, low carb and vegan-friendly.
  • Pure Plant Protein designs, tests, formulates, blends and packs our products in Victoria, in our state-of-the-art, HACCP certified production facility located in the foothills of the Yarra Valley.
  • Several flavours are available, including chocolate, coconut, vanilla and unflavoured.
  • Environmentally, our operation also is a winner. We’re producing faba bean protein powders with a carbon footprint around ten times less than most animal-based protein powders.

Try our faba bean protein powders today. They’re by far the best tasting on the market!

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