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Everyday protein powder for a healthier, happier you.

100% Australian grown vegan protein powder by Pure Plant Protein

Gluten Free GLUTEN
All Natural ALL
High Protein HIGH
Everyday protein powder for a healthier, happier you.

100% Australian grown vegan protein powder by Pure Plant Protein

Gluten Free GLUTEN
All Natural ALL
High Protein HIGH

Full of Good Stuff

There’s a million different protein powders on the market. For most of them, there’s also a million ingredients. In our books, more complex doesn’t mean better results. We created Pure Plant Protein to give Australians a protein powder that is full of good stuff with no buzzword ingredients or other nasties.

The Pure Plant Protein Story

Our story started when we were introduced to Victorian-grown faba bean plant protein. We were getting pretty sick of gritty plant protein powders, and the smooth creaminess of the faba beans was better than anything we’d tasted.

Why Faba Bean Protein Powder?

Performs well & tastes better

Our faba bean protein powder, harvested from the sun-kissed fields of Victoria, Australia, stands out as a true game-changer in the world of protein powders.
- 88% protein content, the highest of any vegan protein.
- Smooth texture with no grainy, chalky residue.
- Better taste than pea, soy and hemp protein.
- Neutral flavour profile makes it perfect for adding to shakers, blenders and recipes.

Good For You, Good For The World

Our commitment to faba beans extends beyond taste and performance. As an incredibly sustainable crop, faba beans require less water and land than many other protein sources. They also fix nitrogen into the soil, improving soil fertility and reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. By using faba beans as our main ingredient, we're making a conscious choice to support sustainable agriculture and protect our planet.

Choose our faba bean protein powder and invest in more than just your everday health and fitness; invest in a cleaner, greener future. Join us in our journey towards sustainable protein and experience the power of plant-based goodness.


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Common Questions

Is Pure Plant Protein gritty tasting like most vegan protein powders?

Not at all. We started Pure Plant Protein because we were sick of terrible pea protein powders that were clearly a step below whey protein. Our faba bean protein is miles ahead of these gritty protein powders, and it also has a higher protein content.

Are there any allergens in Pure Plant Protein?

Nope, you’re in the clear. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly and no GMOs. Have any questions? Just ask and we’ll be happy to help make sure our protein powder is right for you.

Are vegan protein powders as effective as whey?

Yes! Like whey versions, vegan protein powders increase muscle mass and improve strength. With 30g of essential amino acids and 24.3g of protein per serve, Pure Plant Protein is very effective, with the highest protein content of any plant protein on the market.

Are vegan protein powders safe?

Absolutely! In fact, those who are lactose intolerant will feel much better with a plant-based protein option. At Pure Plant Protein, we design, test, formulate, blend and pack our products in-house in our state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified production facility to ensure only the finest, healthiest protein powder reaches you!

Are all protein powders vegan?

No, not all protein powders are vegan. Many protein powders, especially the most common ones like whey, casein, and collagen, are derived from animal sources. However, numerous plant-based protein powders are available in the market, like Pure Plant Protein, which is derived from faba beans. Always check the product label or description to determine if a protein powder is vegan-friendly.

What is the amino acid breakdown of Pure Plant Protein?

Our protein powder contains a bunch of essential amino acids. These are amino acids that your body needs but doesn’t produce itself.

  • ​​Alanine 1.1g
  • Arginine 2.3g
  • Aspartic acid 2.8g
  • Cystine 0.3g
  • Glutamic acid 4.3g
  • Glycine 1.1g
  • Histidine* 0.6g
  • Isoleucine* 1.1g
  • Leucine* 2.1g
  • Lysine* 1.7g
  • Methionine* 0.3g
  • Phenylalanine* 1.4g
  • Proline 1.2g
  • Serine  1.3g
  • Threonine 1.0g
  • Tryptophan* 0.2g
  • Tyrosine 1.0g
  • Valine* 1.3g


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