pure plant protein

Who are we?

We are a family owned business with years of experience blending drinks for the hospitality industry. With our combined talents and expertise in nutrition, food technology and contract drink making, we have now expanded to launch a range of Pure Protein Powders, reflecting our strong commitment to active plant-based lifestyles.

What do we do?

We produce an affordable range of pure, plant-based protein powders with the highest achievable protein content per unit weight and no unnecessary ingredients. Our protein blends are sassy, yet simple, great tasting, yet affordable. We prioritise clean ingredients, great taste, a high protein percentage and a balanced amino acid profile to support an active, plant-based lifestyle.

pure plant protein
pure plant protein

Why do we do it?

We and many of our customers, are not totally satisfied with the protein powders currently on the market. In particular we find them to have:

  • An overly stevia-sweetened taste, the metallic nature of which we find unappealing
  • Over-complication of what should be a simple product – pure protein! This includes over complicated terminology and addition of irrelevant nutritional compounds with little benefit except to justify high pricing
  • Compromised protein percentage in order to improve taste OR
  • Compromised taste in order to improve protein percentage.

Pure Plant Protein addresses these issues – as such they are uncomplicated, good value, high in protein and BIG on taste!

How do we do it?

With years of experience and expertise in food technology, nutrition and contract drink manufacturing, our family business has access to some of the world’s finest raw ingredients, natural flavouring agents and the ability to blend them in a way that satisfies customers and best looks after the planet. We design, blend and manufacture all our products ourselves, cutting out third party companies and keeping costs to a minimum. This allows us to produce an extremely competitively priced protein powder whilst maintaining the highest quality taste & nutritional profile.

Don’t take our word for it though! Try it for yourself

pure plant protein


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