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Vegan Nutrition: How to Meet Your Protein Needs with Our Premium Powder

By James King

Protein is a popular word, especially among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but it should be front of mind for everyone. Its reputation for aiding muscle growth and repair makes it a hot topic. While people often think of red meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, nuts, tofu, and legumes as a protein source, sometimes it's just easier to reach for a convenient protein supplement. 

Pure Plant Protein is an easy and delicious way to get that extra protein boost, allowing you to skip animal products without compromising on your nutritional goals.

Protein is crucial, especially for those leading an active lifestyle. Let's look at how to incorporate a tasty vegan protein powder into your daily routine to ensure better health and performance.

Do you need protein powder?

Not everyone needs to use protein powder; you can meet your protein needs with a well-balanced diet. However, life is busy, and protein powders can be a fantastic way to get a quick dose of protein goodness.

Here’s why you might find them useful:

  • After a workout, whipping up a protein shake is a quick and easy way to kickstart muscle recovery. No need to prepare a full meal; just mix and go.
  • Protein powder can be helpful for those on a weight loss journey. It helps regulate hunger hormones, making you feel fuller longer and less likely to snack or overeat. Plus, it aids in preserving muscle mass, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism.
  • While a high-protein diet without supplements can help build muscle, protein powders make it easier to hit those high-protein targets, especially if you're looking to bulk up.
  • If you’re super active and need over 150g of protein daily, getting all that protein from food alone can be challenging. Protein powders can help bridge the gap efficiently.
  • For active vegans, meeting protein needs can sometimes be tricky. Plant-based protein powders offer a simple solution to ensure you're getting enough.

Important note: Protein powders should complement your diet, not replace whole foods. Whole foods contain many other essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids that you won’t get from protein powders alone. Hitting your ‘micros’ is just as important as hitting your macros!

How to choose the best protein powder

The protein powder market is extensive, to say the least. To help trim the fat a little, aim for protein powders that provide around 20-30g of protein per serving. This range is ideal for muscle protein synthesis, ensuring your body can efficiently use the protein for muscle repair and growth. Anything more than this per serving doesn’t enhance protein synthesis and just gets excreted by the body, so it's best to stick within this range for maximum efficiency.

The biological value of a protein refers to how well and quickly your body can use the protein. Look for proteins with high biological value containing the essential amino acids you need to build that muscle! Pure Plant Protein contains 18 essential amino acids your body needs but doesn’t produce itself. For plant-based proteins, finding ones with a complete amino acid profile is crucial.

Some protein powders marketed as ‘energising’ contain stimulants like caffeine. While this might sound appealing, especially for a pre-workout boost, it can interfere with sleep and recovery - especially if you train in the evening. Stick to protein powders without these added stimulants to ensure better overall health and recovery. You should also be cautious of marketing terms like ‘weight loss’ on protein powder packaging. Protein intake alone doesn’t guarantee weight loss, and products labelled this way may contain stimulants or dubious ‘fat-burning’ ingredients. Focus on the protein content and quality rather than gimmicky weight-loss promises.

The best protein powders often have fewer ingredients. A shorter ingredient list usually indicates a focus on high-quality protein without unnecessary additives. Avoid powders with proprietary blends, as these often hide the specifics of their ingredients. Look out for added sugars and choose products sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners like stevia. Pure Plant Protein contains three ingredients - that's it.

The easiest ways to incorporate protein powder into your diet

Finding creative and delicious ways to include protein powder in your daily routine can make a significant difference in meeting your nutritional needs. Here's our favourite, simple and tasty ways to integrate Pure Plant Protein into your day:


Use 375ml of your favourite plant-based milk and a 30g scoop of Pure Plant Protein powder, blended with your favourite fruits, greens, and a bit of nut butter, for a delicious and nutrient-packed drink.


Bump up the protein of your morning muesli by mixing in some protein powder. This is a great way to start your day with a meal that keeps you full and energised. Simply stir 30g of Pure Plant Protein with your oats, fruits, nuts, and plant-based milk. We also have an unflavoured option, so you don't mess with your flavour balance!


Sprinkling protein powder over your cereal is an effortless way to enhance its nutritional value. As there are three Pure Plant Protein flavours, you can also use this as an excuse to make your Weet-Bix a little less bland.

Protein Shake

The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of protein powder. Sometimes, simplicity is best, and a straightforward protein shake is a quick and convenient option to meet your protein requirements. Just mix Pure Plant Protein with water or your preferred milk, shake well, and you’re good to go. This is perfect for a post-workout snack or a mid-day protein boost.


Yes, you can use protein powder in your baking! Add it to your muffin or loaf recipes to create protein-rich and flavourful baked goods. 

Ready to become a protein pro?

You’ve got all the necessary info, now comes the hardest part - picking your favourite flavour! Choose from chocolate, vanilla, coconut and unflavoured here, and let’s get those protein levels up.

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