Our story started when we were introduced to Victorian-grown faba bean plant protein. We were getting pretty sick of gritty plant proteins, and the smooth creaminess of the faba beans was better than anything we’d had on the market. Fast forward a year and what you’ve got on your counter is the fine-tuned end result - the tastiest, smoothest plant protein available. And with the highest protein content of any plant protein on the market, we know you’re going to love the results as much as you’ll love the taste.


We are a family-owned, Australian based business with a background in food technology, whilst also sharing a passion for health and an active plant-based lifestyle. Our expertise in nutrition & drink making stretches back 15+ years, multiple countries and to several different industries. We design, test, formulate, blend and pack our products in house, in our state-of-the-art, HACCP certified production facility located in the foothills of the Yarra Valley, just outside of Melbourne. We love to have fun, and we always strive to enjoy what we do!


As avid drinkers of plant protein supplements, we were often left underwhelmed by the plant-based options available to market. We often found plant protein to taste gritty, over or under sweetened, or to include nasty additives. Brands that did taste better, tended to sacrifice a high protein percentage, or used artificial ingredients to improve their flavour profile.

As our business was in contract drink blending, our clients often included protein companies wanting us to mix their blends for them. This is when we noticed some bad practices existing within the industry. Product ratios differing from the label, or under-dosing “superfood” extracts to the point where they would have minimal health benefits, to name just a few. We wanted to create a product that was simple, sustainable, great tasting and transparent.


As we produce in house, we blend all our own protein. Our existing supplier base and industry experience means we have access to the best raw ingredients available. We only use natural, ethically sourced ingredients. We like to keep it simple, meaning quality protein, a high protein percentage and a limit on having too many ingredients is what we aim for. Supplements in proteins sometimes aren’t what they seem, so if you are wanting supplementation we suggest you add your own extracts to our protein.

We focus on natural ingredients, therefore only using natural, fruit derived flavours and non-artificial sweeteners.


We believe that the best plant proteins are grown right here in Australia. Not only do these proteins taste better, but they also contain a massive 88% protein content, which is the highest of any plant protein.

They mix beautifully, contain no grit and are produced with a carbon footprint ten times less than regularly consumed animal proteins. There is simply no downside. We love this protein and love the fact that by using it, we are supporting our farmers & our communities.


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