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Are faba beans good for yor gut health?

By James King

Recent research has uncovered a fascinating link between faba beans and the bacteria party in your gut. A specific carbohydrate, snugly attached to plant proteins, is a favourite snack for these microscopic residents of our digestive system. And guess what? Faba beans are loaded with this gut-friendly goodness.

Researchers dived deep into the genomic data, unveiling the secret enzymes produced by our gut buddies to break down these complex carbohydrate structures. Now, why the fuss about breaking down complex carbohydrates? Well, it turns out that these complex glycans derived from our diet are the nutrients for the powerhouse of our digestive system – the human colonic microbiota. Plant N-glycans, the complex carbohydrates found in faba beans, contribute to the well-being of our gut!

So, your gut microbiome is the backstage crew of a grand production, tirelessly working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. It's been doing this since the day you were born, influencing everything from the digestion of your food to the intricate dance of your central nervous system and immune health.

You've probably heard the phrase, "You are what you eat," and here's where it hits home. Your gut absorbs the nutrients you choose to feed it, shaping everything from your skin and mood to your weight and overall well-being. Think of your gut as a petrol tank – opt for high-quality nutrients, and your body will run smoother, just like a well-maintained car with high-octane fuel.

Faba beans' nutrient prowess

The faba bean is your go-to plant protein powerhouse. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or a die-hard carnivore exploring plant-based delights, these beans have exactly what you need to stealthily deliver protein to your body.

Faba beans bring the party with a generous dose of folate, also known as the suave vitamin B9. This little champion is in the business of making red blood cells and ensuring all your cells grow up to be healthy and strong. 

Now, let's talk minerals. A mere 170 grams of cooked faba beans flaunts a whopping 36% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of manganese. Why does that matter? Manganese is the knight in shining armour for your bones, keeping them strong and resilient. And if that's not impressive enough, there's a solid 22% of the RDI of copper in there, too, doing its part to fend off anaemia and osteoporosis. 

Finally, let's not forget about the faba bean's soluble fibre – the hero of digestion. It's the cleanup crew after a wild party, ensuring everything runs smoothly and your cholesterol levels stay in check. So, not only are faba beans a feast for your taste buds, but they're also the nutrition-packed sidekick your body deserves.

Your ticket to premium immune status

Your ticket to premium immune status

Turns out, these little faba beans are more than just a great addition to your dishes – they're the key to a quality immune system. Faba beans are armed with compounds that kick antioxidant activity into high gear. This is your body's personal shield against troublemakers known as free radicals. These rogue molecules are troublemakers, causing chaos and potentially wreaking havoc on your cells.

By stimulating antioxidant activity, faba beans essentially give your immune system a power-up. A robust immune system is your best buddy in the fight against the usual suspects – pesky colds, sneaky bugs, and all those minor ailments that try to sneak in. Regularly indulging in faba beans might just be your secret weapon against the heavyweights – those deadly viruses and even the big C-word, cancer.

Your delicious ticket to cholesterol control

Your delicious ticket to cholesterol control

Let's talk about something that affects all of us but doesn't have to be a headache – cholesterol. It turns out that faba beans are also a winner in the cholesterol-busting saga, and adding them to your menu might just be the easiest game-changer for healthier levels.

Faba beans are armed with soluble fibre. This magical fibre has this knack for latching onto cholesterol in your body and showing it the exit door. There's a whole review team of researchers wearing lab coats that dug into studies about legumes rich in fibre. And guess what? The verdict is that chomping down on legumes with fibre does the trick, lowering those cholesterol levels.

Your delicious ticket to cholesterol control

Time to up that Faba Bean intake

With all of this great info, we've only scratched the surface of the faba bean's superpowers. There's a treasure trove of goodness in every little bean. First off, let's talk bones – faba beans are on a mission to keep them strong and sturdy, all thanks to the copper and manganese they bring to the table.

If you've been feeling a bit low on iron or battling the woes of anaemia, faba beans might just be your iron-clad solution. Are your blood pressure levels playing tricks on you? The magnesium and potassium in these tiny wonders are here to relax those blood vessels and keep things in check. Faba beans are also your silent allies in the war against extra weight. Packed with protein and fibre, making you feel full and satisfied.

Time to up that Faba Bean intake

The most delicious way to incorporate faba beans into your diet

Boosting your faba bean intake is easy with Pure Plant Protein. Straight from the sun-kissed fields of Victoria, Australia, our faba bean protein powder is a protein-packed paradise.

Boasting a whopping 88% protein content, it is the heavyweight champion of protein. Since no one likes a protein powder that feels like you're downing a glass of sandy water, Pure Plant Protein is a smooth operator. No grainy, chalky residue to ruin your sipping experience – just pure, velvety goodness.

We're also here to shatter all your preconceived notions about protein powder flavour. Toss Pure Plant Protein in your morning smoothie, sprinkle it over your pancakes, or sneak it into your favourite dessert; your taste buds won't know what hit them, and your faba bean intake rises, leading to a tastier, healthier you.

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