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Pure Plant Protein at the Vegan Market Melbourne

By James King

Describing the Vegan Market as just another market is like calling Pure Plant Protein just another protein powder supplier.

The Vegan Market is a large vegan festival held across the country. A place where people can shop from local plant-based businesses and other ethical and sustainable companies, and find out more about brands they can admire.

At last weekend’s Melbourne Vegan Market, Pure Plant Protein was one of the many independent businesses to be showcased. As well as providing samples and selling protein powder from our collection, the market was a great opportunity to promote our brand and connect with passionate vegans.

It was such a success that we sold out all our products before the end of the day.

Pure Plant Protein’s Myles Sicuro says the sell-out is testament to the quality and taste of our plant-based protein powders.

“We received tremendous feedback from attendees, many of whom expressed their appreciation for our products' smooth texture and delicious flavour.” 

The secret is, of course, in what’s in our powders: faba beans. This incredibly valuable nutrition source is high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and contains all essential amino acids. 

Most importantly, our protein powders are great tasting and smooth. A surprise for many vegans who have struggled with gritty or unpleasant plant-based protein powders in the past.

A big thanks to the Vegan Market Melbourne

A big thanks to the Vegan Market

We’d like to express our appreciation to the Vegan Market and the visitors who made the day so special for Pure Plant Protein. We look forward to taking part in future events.

Vegan Markets were also held in Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra this year. Keep a look out for the Vegan Market in 2024.

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