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100 Percent Australian-made plant-based protein powder

By James King

If you’re like most Australians, you do your best to buy products made in our lucky country. 

It’s not always easy to be a patriotic purchaser, however. Does Australian made really mean Australian made? Or does it simply mean, as stated on the Australia Made website, that Australia was the place of last substantial transformation? Whatever that means.

The good news is that if you enjoy protein powders, there’s an easy way to do the right thing. 

Introducing a plant-based protein powder that’s not only good for our nation; it’s also good for the environment… and most importantly good for you.

100% Australian made faba bean protein powder, grow and blended locally

When you purchase any of Pure Plant Protein’s range of plant-based protein powders, you’re ticking all the right patriotic boxes:

  • The faba beans that are used to produce our plant-based protein powders are all grown in Australia. Most vegan protein powders available on the market are made from pea proteins, which are imported.
  • The faba beans are processed in Australia. This is done at a world-class facility in regional Victoria, to ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Pure Plant Protein is a family-owned, Australian based business. 
  • We meticulously oversee the entire blending process, from design and rigorous testing to crafting and packaging. All of this takes place within our cutting-edge HACCP certified production facility, nestled in the picturesque Yarra Valley foothills, right outside Melbourne. That’s Melbourne, Australia.

You shouldn’t simply purchase a product because it’s good for Australia. In the case of plant-based protein powders, it should also be good for you and your tastebuds.

With Pure Plant Protein, you’re in good hands:

  • Our vegan protein is grown and processed in Australia to exacting standards. This ensures the product we sell is the best quality.
  • The vegan protein we utilize is an extraction process that creates clean protein powders. No solvents or enzymes are used. Not all vegan protein powders on the market can make this claim. 
  • Faba beans are an incredibly valuable nutritional source. They’re high in protein - higher than any other vegan protein available. They’re high in fibre and essential amino acids. Plus, they’re a great source of folate, manganese, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, thiamine and zinc.
  • Most plant-based proteins have a distinct taste and odour that manufacturers often mask with additives. Not protein powder made from faba beans. It has a neutral taste and odour that can be added to a variety of foods and beverages to boost protein. 
  • The result is a great tasting, highly soluble, smooth plant protein that is not gritty. Perfect to add to your next smoothie, soup, risotto or casserole, or simply a glass of water.
100% Australian made faba bean protein powder, grow and blended locally

Green gains: How Australian-made plant-based protein powder supports a sustainable future

Sure, Pure Plant Protein’s plant-based protein powders are good for Australia and good for you, but what about the environment?

When it comes to sustainability, our powders also get a tick. A big green one:

  • Our faba bean protein powders are produced with a carbon footprint ten times less than regularly consumed animal proteins. 
  • As highlighted previously, all our faba beans are grown and processed in Australia. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced.
  • Faba beans are a nitrogen fixing crop. In other words, they take nitrogen out of the atmosphere and add it to the soil, improving soil health and fertility. How clever is that?
  • By fixing nitrogen in the soil, faba beans help reduce the requirement for fertilisers, further increasing their environmental credentials.

At the end of the day, producing a more sustainable product is good for Australia as well. That’s a green tick for future generations.

Try our plant-based protein powder today

Pure Plant Protein’s range of faba bean protein powders are available in three great flavours - chocolate, vanilla and coconut. There’s also an unflavoured version.

If you’re unsure whether faba bean protein powder is right for you, grab a Premium Range Sample Pack from our online shop. The sample pack features all three of our flavoured faba bean protein products, to decide which one you like the most.

We’re confident you’ll love them all. Australia certainly does!

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