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From Seed to Smoothie: The Journey of Our Vegan Protein Powder

By James King

Imagine holding a handful of faba beans, those familiar beans that you can often find in your grocery store, often sold as broad beans. They can be nestled snugly in their pods, with about five beans per pod, or they might be sold loose, waiting for your culinary creativity.

Now, picture this: take those faba beans home, cook them up, and you've got yourself a delightful side dish or a healthy snack. They're a protein powerhouse, low in fat, and packed with fibre and essential nutrients.

But here's where it gets truly fascinating. Faba beans, much like many other fruits and veggies, are bursting with potential. That one little bean you could casually pop into your mouth? It's a tiny powerhouse waiting to sprout.

That single bean has the potential to grow into a whole faba bean plant. And from that plant, you could harvest anywhere from 10 to 30 bean pods, yielding a remarkable 50 to 150 faba beans – all from the humble beginnings of a single bean!

Healthy for you, good for the environment

The other amazing thing is that with that single bean - and a few of its friends - Pure Plant Protein can make the best vegan protein powder on the market.

A plant-based protein powder that’s good for your health and wellbeing, environmentally-friendly and kind to animals. A vegan protein powder that you can actually enjoy drinking and feel good about. Try doing that with your animal-based protein powders.

Healthy for you, good for the environment

How can a humble bean seed turn into delicious vegan protein powder and a smoothie?

The enchantment of the faba bean and our vegan protein powder begins for Pure Plant Protein on the farm.

We proudly source our faba beans exclusively from Australian farmers, relying on their unwavering commitment to high agricultural standards. This not only guarantees superior taste but also ensures that the beans are better for you. In fact, our faba beans boast an impressive 88% protein content, the highest among all plant proteins.

The journey of these faba beans continues at our state-of-the-art facility nestled in regional Victoria, just northeast of Melbourne. Here, the beans undergo meticulous processing. They are delicately de-hulled, split, and thoroughly cleaned before transforming into our powders. Our stringent processing standards ensure that each bean yields the maximum protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The end result? A silky, fine powder that stands as a powerhouse of protein and nutrients. While it's ready to be consumed in this form, many may find it somewhat lacking in flavour. To remedy this, we introduce a selection of natural ingredients to enhance its taste. For instance, our chocolate-flavoured variant incorporates cacao powder, natural flavours, and sugar-free sweeteners, creating a truly delectable blend.

At this stage our vegan protein powder is carefully packaged, awaiting the creative hands of our consumers to transform it into delightful and nutritious smoothies… And many other things!

How can a humble bean seed turn into delicious vegan protein powder and a smoothie?

Vegan protein powder smoothies just a start

Incorporating Pure Protein Powder's diverse range of vegan powders into your daily smoothie offers an excellent means to elevate your protein and nutrient intake. These powders can be seamlessly blended with your choice of plant-based milk or traditional cow's milk. Toss in some fresh fruits and you'll savour a wholesome and nourishing beverage that keeps you satisfied for longer.

If you prefer an alternative approach, our plant-based powders also pair wonderfully with water or juice.

But why limit the possibilities to beverages alone? Not only do our powders possess a smoother texture, but faba bean protein is also heat-stable. This remarkable trait allows you to enhance the nutrition of various hot meals you prepare. Consider stirring it into soups and hearty casseroles. Infuse it into aromatic curries and creamy risottos. It can even be used to elevate both hot and cold desserts to new levels of nutrition and taste.

The options are as versatile as your culinary imagination.

Vegan protein powder smoothies just a start

Interesting facts about faba beans and our vegan protein powders

  • In its raw form, with no additives, faba bean protein powder has a neutral to slightly mild beanie flavour.
  • The colour of the powder is also neutral, so it can be added to any dish with little or no effect on the final colour.
  • Unlike other plant-based protein, powders made from faba beans are not gritty so are more pleasant to drink and eat. Faba beans are a winter crop in Australia.
  • A crop of faba beans draws nitrogen out of the atmosphere and into the soil, where it will be available for crops sown in the summer.
  • While production of faba beans fluctuates due to a variety of factors, including growing conditions, on average Australia produces around 400,000 tonnes a year.
  • Faba beans are loaded with essential nutrients. They are rich in vitamins such as folate, vitamin K, and vitamin B6. Additionally, they provide an array of minerals, including iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Interested yet? Shop our collection of delicious plant protein powder today.

Interesting facts about faba beans and our vegan protein powders

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